9 Things You Didn’t Know About Moving Helpers

Relocation is an overwhelming and stressful life event that can easily spiral into a complicated and costly mess. If you are moving to another state or another country, it is best to ask for professional movers and consider their moving help labor services.

Research about moving companies and moving services they offer before booking one. This is crucial especially if this is your first time moving to a new place.

Here are some things you not everyone knows about moving helpers which will be useful when you are planning to relocate:

  1. Some moving helpers offer a variety of moving-related services.

Aside from basic moving services such as loading and unloading of your boxes of belongings in moving trucks, there are moving helpers who can also pack for you. Given that packing takes a lot of time, this may be an option if you have a tight schedule, or you need to move as soon as possible.

Aside from packing services, they can also help you disassemble your furniture and later on assemble it once you arrive in your new home. Ask your moving helper for a complete list of services they offer so you know how they can assist you in other relocation and other tasks too.

  1. Movers can help eliminate safety hazards.

When you are moving your entire household, it is not unusual for you to also bring large pieces and heirloom items. This could easily turn into a nightmare if your new house or building does not have an elevator.

Heavy lifting of bulky items and other furniture when you are not used to it can strain your muscles and cause injuries. Rather than hurt yourself in the process of lifting, loading, and unloading bulky items, hire a professional mover.

  1. There are movers who can help you with landscaping projects.

There are movers from some moving companies who have a versatile set of skills. They can provide labor services and help you save some in basic landscaping projects.

Most homeowners are busy with their family responsibilities and careers. They need someone to mow your lawn regularly, trim the bushes, monitor the flowerbeds, carry rocks, and install landscape lighting. There are moving helpers who can assist with these kinds of tasks.

  1. There are helpers who can assist you with painting projects.

Hiring licensed painters can be very expensive. For a simple home repainting, the additional cost just might not be worth it.

Ask your moving helper if they can provide extra help. This can be extremely helpful to ensure that the paint job in walls, ceilings and other surfaces are smooth and professionally done.

Sometimes you just really want to inject some color into your life and a change in the color of the bedroom wall can have a powerful effect.

  1. There are moving helpers who charge at an hourly rate.

If you are on a tight budget, you can still look for moving help labor services to assist you. You can look for a moving company with helpers who you can hire on an hourly basis. This will make it easier for you to budget your money. You can decide when you really need them to come in and provide assistance.

This company can also be a practical option if you only have a handful of belongings and do not have any expensive items you will bring during the move. Since you pay them by the hour, you will know when you have already spent all allotted funds.

  1. There are different kinds of moving helpers, and some helpers offer specialized services.

There are movers specializing in residential, commercial, or industrial moving services. Identify your non-negotiables and which service you really need for your relocation process. Determine which belongings you need to bring and which of these things you can declutter.

There are short or long distance movers and international movers and specialty movers. In bigger or more complicated moves, you will need professional movers who are experts in project planning and time management.

International movers can take on even costly and laborious paperwork required in transactional travel like customs and insurance forms. They can even assist in highly detailed logistics of sea shipments and freight.

Specialty movers can ensure that things such as high class and very expensive paintings, artwork, antiques, collectors’ items, museum pieces are wrapped professionally and adequately to survive transit. They can also ensure that paperwork, licenses, insurances, etc. are complete before moving day.

  1. You can still save money while engaging moving helpers.

Since most hiring professional movers have upfront costs which are more expensive than doing everything by yourself, at the onset, it may seem that engaging to hire a moving company is too costly. Unknown to most people, you can still hire the best professional movers and avail of moving services while saving your hard-earned cash.

Moving companies or professional movers let you save on costs because they are experts, unlike the lay person who will fumble with the furniture, and sometimes break valuables, and even have accidents with things that hold dear memories. These professional movers let you save valuable money, time, and energy, and at the same time, take care of all your precious items.

  1. They expertly know how to fit your stuff in moving trucks and other crucial things.

In the relocation business, experience is king. Understandably, you have some expectations on the moving helpers you book. It is best to always ask about their training and experience before booking them.

Years of helping customers relocate can sharpen their skills in identifying moving needs such as in evaluating quickly what size of moving truck needs to be rented. Expert movers can assess this immediately upon seeing the number of your belongings or even after knowing how large your current residential or office space is.

Whether you are relocating your business offices or your family, there are professional movers who can go the extra mile to give you great service and a positive experience. This can mean a lot when you are relocating to another state with a different climate. If you are used to the tropical all year-round sunshine of your current state, you will have to talk to your movers about possible snow storms or hurricanes on moving day.

  1. You can easily rack up surprise costs.

One of the common pitfalls in relocation is that there will be expenses that will come up which are not included in your original budget. Sometimes these are small expenses such as the difference in fuel prices from where you came from. Sometimes these are considerable amounts such as accommodation costs in case your movers get caught up in a snowstorm while transporting your things.

Ask your moving company to provide you with a complete list of services included in the package you will avail of and request that they put in writing all of the applicable fees and charges. Inquire if you need to set aside separate funds for permits and licenses for your items in case you will need to transport them to a different state or a different country.

This way you will not get surprised by the additional cost the company charges and you can ensure there will be no hidden costs. After all, moving is an expensive project and not everyone can afford to go beyond budget. Surprise costs can quickly add up when you overlook the fine print in your vehicle shipping quote, making it essential to scrutinize the details for a more budget-friendly move.


Overall, it helps to have a plan and a strategy for your relocation journey. This will help you identify what you need to know about a moving helper before closing the deal and hiring them.

If you want this moving process to be cost-effective and time-efficient, you have to plan out all possible scenarios while keeping in mind the timeline and schedule you need to adhere to. The best movers can help you come up with one or align your plans with their services. Sometimes, they can even customize services to what works best for your house or you.

Trustworthy movers with relevant experience and top tier service expertise are hard to come by. However, with thorough research and preparation, it is not impossible to find a service provider who can fit all your requirements. 


Is $100 a good tip for movers?

Relocation is not easy since it involves a lot of strenuous physical activities. Tipping communicates your appreciation for the hard work your movers have done. For a large move involving plenty of belongings, a $100 tip per crew member for a full day move is a good benchmark amount.

How much do you pay someone to help you move?

On the average, movers charge at least $60 per hour for a local move job. The cost will change depending on the distance from where you are moving, the number of things you need to pack for transit, load, and unload to your new place and if you are going to avail of additional services such as unpacking and general cleaning services.

What to expect from a mover?

Moving companies offer general services such as loading and unloading furniture and other stuff into moving trucks. Most moving companies will include these in their package as well as other services on moving day. However, ask your moving company if you are expected to look for a moving truck to rent and if you need to purchase your own packing materials.

It is best to clarify if packing services are included and if the professional movers you hired will also help you in the unpacking and moving process. Inquire if heavy lifting and other tasks such as house cleaning, furniture assembly, and other tasks related to the moving and unpacking process are. Otherwise, you might incur additional cost without realizing it.

What do you do while movers are working?

Although you can always help out professional movers, try not to create unnecessary distractions. You have to give them space to get the job done. Hire only from a moving company once you have thoroughly checked for available information and online reviews from past customers.

Good communication is the key. Ask them if they need any help from you. Inform them of important things such as the availability of the service elevator or fire exits in your building. Be accessible in case they have questions. Make sure to provide specific instructions for items which might break if not handled properly.

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