Top 10 Cheapest Hotels In The World 

Ever wondered how much the cheapest hotel in the world costs? No matter where you travel in the world, you will need some form of shelter while away from home. The main types of stay away from home are usually hotels with dormitories, cabanas, and bungalows. Sometimes our budgets are tight and all those bucket list trips they have been dreaming of seem more difficult than ever. Don’t worry in this post, we will look at some of the many cheapest hotels in the world.    

List Of 10 Cheapest Hotels In the world 

The cheapest hotels in the world are listed below as per the price of the hotels. 

  1. Hotel Ickale Ankara 
  2. The Steigenberger Resort Achti 
  3. Grand Hotel Saigon 
  4. NH Collection Bogota WTC Royal 
  5. Kupava Deluxe Hotel 
  6. Vrede Self Catering 
  7. Linq Hotel & Casino 
  8. Hotel 1970 Posada Guadalajara
  9. Disney All-Star Movies Resort 
  10. Emirates Palace 

Top 10 Cheapest Hotels in the world

From the above list of the cheapest hotels in the world, 10 hotels have low prices. Let us know more about them.

  1. Hotel Ickale Ankara

Hotel Ickale Ankara

Price – $32 Per Night 

Hotel Ickale Ankara is located in Ankara, the cosmopolitan capital of Turkey. They offer free wifi, airport shuttle, free parking, spa, bar, good fitness center, and 2 swimming pools. It is the cheapest 5-star hotel in the world you can stay in here.

  1. The Steigenberger Resort Achti 

The Steigenberger Resort Achti 

Price – $40 Per Night

The Steigenberger Resort Achti is the cheapest luxury hotel in the world located in Egypt, Africa. The hotel offers free wifi, free parking, meeting rooms, 24-hour room service, a bar, a central location, a swimming pool, air-conditioned, and a restaurant facility.

  1. Grand Hotel Saigon 

Grand Hotel Saigon 

Price – $40 Per Night

The Grand Saigon is a colonial-style hotel built in 1930 and completely restored in 1997. Grand Hotel Saigon is the cheapest five-star hotel in the world heritage, the hotel is ideally located in the heart of Saigon.

  1. NH Collection Bogota WTC Royal 

NH Collection Bogota WTC Royal 

Price – $42 Per Night

NH Collection WTC Royal property in Bogota is one of four NH hotels comprising the cheapest 5-star hotels in the USA. They offer many services like a celebration. Eco-friendly environment, meeting room, free wifi, parking, and pet policy.

  1. Kupava Deluxe Hotel 

Kupava Deluxe Hotel 

Price – $43 Per Night

The Kupava Deluxe Hotel is located in Lviv, Ukraine, Europe, and it became the 10 cheapest 5-star hotel in the world. They offer free parking, free wifi, an airport shuttle, a bar, 1 swimming pool, and family rooms.

  1. Vrede Self Catering 

Vrede Self Catering 

Price – $48 Per Night

Vrede Self Catering is one of the cheapest best hotels in the world located in South Africa. They offer free wifi, free parking, an airport shuttle, and also barbecue facilities and guests can prepare foodstuffs in the privacy of their units.

  1. Linq Hotel & Casino 

Linq Hotel & Casino 

Price – $76 Per Night

Linq Hotel & Casino is located in Las Vegas, USA, and is another cheapest hotel in the US. The best features of this hotel are they provide parking, family rooms, 1 swimming pool, pet friendly, bar and also has an ATM on site.

  1. Hotel 1970 Posada Guadalajara

Hotel 1970 Posada Guadalajara

Price – $79 Per Night

Hotel 1970 Posada Guadalajara is the cheapest luxury hotel in the US located in Mexico, North America. They offer free wifi, free parking, a very good fitness center, family rooms, a bar, a restaurant, and pet friendly.

  1. Disney All-Star Movies Resort

Disney All-Star Movies Resort

Price – $118 Per Night

Disney All-Star Movies Resort is listed as the cheapest hotel in Disney World. The resort features a Fantasia-themed pool, world premiere food court, free outdoor film screenings, jogging trail, arcade, and playground.

  1. Emirates Palace 

Emirates Palace 

Price – $350 Per Night 

Emirates Palace is the cheapest 7-star hotel in the world located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Emirates Palace has luxury in every corner, as its decor features gold-filled pieces and Swarovski crystal chandeliers.

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Which Is The Most Cheapest Hotel In The World?

Faridpur Hotel is made up of five boats on the banks of the Buriganga in the country’s capital, Dhaka, and a night’s stay starts at just 31p.

What Country Has The Cheapest 5 Star Hotel?

You’ll find one of the cheapest five-star hotels in the world in Bogota, Colombia.

What Is The Cheapest Luxury Hotel In The World?

India’s Novotel Ahmedabad Hotel, the cheapest luxury hotel in the world. According to Top Dollar, the Novotel Ahmedabad Hotel is the cheapest luxury hotel in the world, with rates starting at a shockingly low $28 a night.

What Is Like A Hotel But Cheaper?

Great hotel alternatives include hostels, super cheap apartment rentals, boat stays, organic farms, camping, and couchsurfing.

Is It Cheaper To Live In A Hotel Than An Apartment?

It’s Cheaper

Extended stay hotels are often more affordable than apartments. When you factor in the cost of a lease, utilities, and other expenses, an extended stay hotel can be much cheaper than an apartment. This is especially true if you are traveling for an extended period.


In this article, we share the details about hotels. We discussed how many cheap luxury hotels are in the world. There are many hotels but we only share what you can afford. We have seen the per night price of the hotel and where the hotel is located. Also, I told you what they are offering to their customers. I hope you enjoying to learn this post. The above information was all about the cheapest hotels in the world.   

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