Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping – Pros and Cons  

Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping – Pros and Cons

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Using auto car shipping services for transporting your vehicle(s) is a smart move. This is especially true when the distance covered is much as it saves you the stress of driving and all that comes with it.

People who use these services are usually presented with either of two options. It is either open or enclosed shipping methods are used. Both have pros and cons, some of which are distinct.

Understanding them puts you in a good position to use the right option. To this end, a few of the pros and cons will be disclosed here. So, keep reading to find out about them.

Pros of Open Car Shipping

Some of the benefits of this option include the following:

Economies of Scale

There is such a thing as economies of scale and here is a simple explanation for it. If boiling an egg costs you 50 cents, it could cost you the same to boil 10 eggs. This is provided that you boil them at the same time and use the same resource.

In this context, economies of scale work especially with open-car shipping. This is considering how an open car carrier can carry so many vehicles. For example, some options can carry upwards of 10 vehicles.

This method carries more vehicles than the enclosed method. As a result, it is cheaper.


Most people who patronize car shipping companies usually opt for this service. Frankly, there are conflicting reports on how patronized open car shipping is.

For example, one report did mention how 6 out of every 10 clients opt for this option. Another reported that it is upwards of 70 percent. Whichever it is, every one of these reports can agree that open car shipping is conveniently the most chosen method.

Of course, the cheaper cost is a major reason for this. As a result, it offers more in terms of availability. This means that people are likely to have their vehicles shipped faster with this method. You can read this article for more on this subject.

Cons of Open Car Shipping

Some of the drawbacks of this option include the following:


Of course, the vehicles are usually well-strapped and secured. However, the open-air feature of this method means that it is well exposed to the elements. This can be a huge disadvantage, especially during certain periods of the year and when certain routes are taken.

Limited Protection

For the record, vehicles shipped using this option are protected to some extent. However, the level of protection is nowhere near what those who use the enclosed method get.

As a result, it is possible to have to deal with (especially) minor cosmetic damage after delivery. It is also not as protected from theft and vandalism as the enclosed option.

Pros of Enclosed Car Shipping

Some of the benefits of this method include the following:

Discreet Transportation

Nobody needs to know your business with this method. It is even possible that people do not know that a vehicle is being transported in the first place. This is why it is mostly preferred by people who need high-vehicle automobiles shipped.

Increased Protection

For starters, the enclosed feature of this option significantly contributes to protecting shipped vehicles. As a result, there is no need to worry about minor and major cosmetic damage.

Furthermore, this method is usually considered a premium service. As a result, more is usually done to protect vehicles shipped using this service. This also makes sense given how a large number of high-value automobiles are usually shipped using this method.

Speaking of more being done, this also includes increased liability coverage. So, these are reasons to prefer and opt for this auto transport method.

Cons of Enclosed Car Shipping

Some of the drawbacks of this method include the following:


This option can offer economies of scale discussed above. However, it does not do as much as open auto shipping in this regard. This is a major reason why it is usually more expensive to use this method for car shipping.

Limited Availability

The amount of clients that use this method are nowhere near as much as those that use the open shipping option. This is especially true during seasons when weather conditions are not severe.

In other words, there is the problem of limited availability with this option. Slower delivery time is one of the several implications.

On a Final Note

Open Vs Enclosed Car Shipping? What's The Best For Me?

The subject of which is better between open and enclosed car shipping methods always comes up. Frankly, there is no straightforward answer as it depends on several things.

However, understanding especially the core differences between both auto shipping methods is crucial in making the right choice. For more on this, you can visit:

In addition to understanding the core differences, the pros and cons of both methods also have to be considered. To this end, this article has shared a few very important ones. So, make sure to take them into account when deciding which auto-shipping method is right for you.