What Is A Bagged Car?

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In the realm of automotive customization, a fascinating trend has emerged, captivating enthusiasts and redefining the way cars look and perform: bagged cars. Bagging, a term originating from the use of air suspension systems, has transformed vehicles, offering not only a striking visual appeal but also an enhanced driving experience. Let’s delve into what exactly constitutes a bagged car, the technology behind it, and the culture that surrounds these modified vehicles.

What Is A Bagged Car?

At its core, a bagged car refers to a vehicle equipped with an air suspension system that replaces traditional coil springs with airbags. These airbags, often made of heavy-duty rubber or synthetic materials, are filled with compressed air, allowing for adjustable ride height and stiffness. The system is controlled by an air compressor, air reservoir, valves, and sensors, enabling the driver to raise or lower the vehicle with the push of a button or through a smartphone app.

Technology Behind Bagged Cars

  • Air Suspension Components: The system comprises airbags installed in place of conventional springs. These bags are inflated or deflated to adjust the vehicle’s ride height and stiffness.
  • Air Compressor and Tank: An air compressor pumps air into a tank, storing compressed air for quick and efficient adjustment of the suspension.
  • Valves and Controllers: Valves regulate the flow of air to each airbag, while controllers manage the system, allowing for precise adjustments and presets for different driving conditions.

Advantages Of Bagged Cars

  • Customizable Ride Height: Owners can adjust their vehicle’s ride height at will, allowing for various looks—from a slammed stance to a more functional height for everyday driving.
  • Improved Handling: Bagged cars offer a smoother ride and improved handling by adjusting the suspension to adapt to road conditions or driving styles.
  • Visual Appeal: The ability to lower a car to the ground or raise it to a functional height offers an aesthetic appeal, creating a distinctive look and stance.

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Bagged Car Culture

Bagged cars have fostered a vibrant community of automotive enthusiasts, bringing together individuals passionate about customization, performance, and aesthetics. Car shows, meet-ups, and online forums serve as hubs for sharing experiences, showcasing builds, and discussing the latest in bagged car technology.

Considerations And Maintenance

While bagged suspensions offer versatility and style, proper installation and maintenance are crucial. Improperly installed systems or neglecting maintenance can lead to air leaks, component failures, or uneven ride quality.


Bagged cars represent a fusion of technology, style, and performance, offering owners a customizable and versatile driving experience. From the ability to achieve a sleek, low stance to improving handling and ride quality, bagged suspensions have made a significant impact in the automotive customization world. The culture surrounding bagged cars highlights the passion and creativity of enthusiasts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automotive customization, solidifying their place as a unique and intriguing facet of car culture.


How Much Is It To Get Your Car Bagged?

The average price of a complete air suspension kit can cost anywhere between about $2,000 up to $7,000, depending on your specific kit. We have found that our most popular kits tend to land around $3,500.

What Does Bagged Mean For A Car?

The word, “bagged”, means that a car is on air suspension and you have the ability to fully adjust your ride height on the fly. Most people in the car scene run air suspension to get perfect wheel fitment, get fender to lip fitment, or to lay the car out to the ground.

Can You Drive A Bagged Car?

You guys have questions, and we have answers! Consistently our sales team is asked, “Can I daily drive on air suspension?” The simple answer is YES! Like most things, you won’t have any problems if you take your time on a good install.

Is Bagged Suspension Worth It?

Truck air bags give you excellent support, better handling, and a whole lot of confidence, but they do not increase the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of your truck. You still need to pay close attention to that rating while loading up to ensure you do not surpass its max abilities.

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