What Is Free Hit In Cricket?

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In the intricate world of cricket, a free hit stands as a unique and consequential moment that arises from specific infractions during the game. Let’s explore the essence, rules, and impact of the free hit in cricket, shedding light on this intriguing aspect of the sport.

What Is Free Hit In Cricket?

  • Penalty and Redemption: A free hit is a penalty awarded to the batting team following certain bowling infractions by the opposing team, offering the batsman an opportunity to play a shot without the fear of dismissal by most methods.
  • Restricted Dismissals: During a free hit, the batsman can only be dismissed by a few methods—being run out, handling the ball, hitting the ball twice, or obstructing the field—providing a chance to play an attacking shot with minimal risk.

Conditions For A Free Hit

  • No-Ball Offense: A free hit is primarily awarded as a consequence of a no-ball—when the bowler oversteps the crease or delivers an illegal delivery above the waist in limited-overs cricket.
  • Other Infractions: In some cases, a free hit may also result from a bowler breaking fielding restrictions, such as fielders being placed incorrectly during certain overs.

Significance In The Game

  • Batsman’s Advantage: The free hit allows the batsman to capitalize on the opportunity without fear of dismissal, enabling them to play an aggressive stroke or aim for a boundary without the risk of losing their wicket.
  • Team Momentum: A successful execution of a free hit often shifts the momentum in favor of the batting team, providing an opportunity to score additional runs and apply pressure on the opposing team.

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Impact On Strategy

  • Bowling Tactics: For bowlers and fielding teams, a free hit necessitates strategic planning to minimize the damage caused by the penalty, often involving defensive field placements and careful bowling.
  • Batsman’s Approach: Batsmen approach a free hit with an aggressive mindset, aiming to maximize the opportunity by playing an attacking shot, increasing the chances of adding valuable runs to the team’s total.


The free hit in cricket stands as a consequential moment that arises from bowling infractions, offering a batsman a unique chance to play an attacking stroke without the risk of dismissal by most methods. This penalty and redemption moment significantly influences the flow of the game, providing an opportunity for the batting team to seize momentum and score additional runs while challenging the opposing team’s strategy and execution.

In the ever-evolving dynamics of cricket, the free hit remains a fascinating aspect, showcasing the delicate balance between offense and defense and adding an element of excitement and strategy to the game.


What Is Free Hit Rule In Cricket?

The free hit rule, initially introduced in limited-overs formats, allows a batter to take a free hit at the delivery following a no-ball (an illegal delivery).

Can You Run If Bowled On A Free Hit?

As the balls remains in play even when the batter is bowled on a free hit, they can run. However, run-out is one of the modes of dismissal that can be applied on a free hit.

What Does A Free Hit Means?

(friː hɪt ) noun. cricket. in certain forms of cricket, esp one-day internationals, after the bowler has bowled a no-ball, a chance for a batter to strike a ball without the possibility of being caught out.

Is Stumping Out In Free Hit?

According to cricket laws, if the batsman steps out during the free hit delivery and misses the ball while attempting to play it, he cannot be stumped. The player is permitted to move beyond his crease without being halted.

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