What Is Not A Polygon?

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What Is Not A Polygon?

Polygons are a fundamental concept in geometry, and they are widely used in various fields of study. A polygon is a two-dimensional closed shape with straight sides. They can have any number of sides, but each side must be a straight line segment that connects two points. Polygons are commonly found in everyday objects, such as buildings, road signs, and even in art. However, not every shape that appears to be a polygon actually is one. In this blog, we’ll explore what is not a polygon.

  1. Curved shapes: A polygon must have straight sides, which means that any shape with curved sides cannot be a polygon. Shapes like circles, ovals, and ellipses, even though they might have a finite number of sides, cannot be classified as polygons.
  2. Open shapes: A polygon must also be a closed shape, meaning that all the sides must connect to form a closed loop. If any side is missing, the shape cannot be classified as a polygon. For example, a line segment or a curve that does not form a closed shape cannot be a polygon.
  3. Self-intersecting shapes: A polygon cannot have any intersecting sides or angles. If any two sides of the shape cross over each other, it is not a polygon. These shapes are called non-simple polygons or self-intersecting polygons. An example of such a shape is the star-shaped polygon.
  4. Irregular shapes: A polygon must have sides of equal length and angles of equal measure. If any of the sides or angles are not equal, the shape is not a polygon. These shapes are called irregular polygons. For example, a kite is not a polygon because its sides are not equal.
  5. Three-sided shapes: A polygon must have at least four sides. Shapes with three sides are called triangles, which are a separate category of two-dimensional shapes. While triangles are not polygons, they are still important in mathematics and other fields.

In conclusion, a polygon is a closed shape with straight sides and angles, and any shape that does not meet these criteria is not a polygon. Curved shapes, open shapes, self-intersecting shapes, irregular shapes, and three-sided shapes are all examples of shapes that are not polygons. Understanding what is not a polygon is just as important as understanding what is a polygon, as it helps us to correctly classify and analyze shapes in various fields of study.

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What Is An Example Of Not A Polygon?

As such some shapes which are not polygons are all 3-D figures such as cubes, cuboids, etc, shapes with curves such as circles, etc, hourglass shapes that have intersecting lines, and all of the shapes which don’t obey the aforesaid rules.

What Is And Isn’t A Polygon?

A polygon is a flat, two-dimensional (2D) shape with straight sides that are fully closed (all the sides are joined up). The sides must be straight. Polygons may have any number of sides. A polygon. A shape with curved sides is not a polygon.

How Do You Know If The Figure Is A Polygon Or Not?

Polygon Definition

Polygons have at least three sides and three angles, and their sides must be straight, as seen below.

Is A Circle A Polygon?

A polygon’s sides must be straight. If any side is curved, then it’s no longer a polygon. Circle doesn’t consist of ant any straight lines. Hence, Circle is a not a polygon.

Is Square A Polygon Or Not?

A square is a polygon that has four equal sides and four equal angles ( each measuring 90 ∘).


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