What Type Of Dog Is Hooch?

Exactly what type of dog is hooch from the movie of turner and hooch is the question in our mind? So don’t worry, about it as today I am going to tell you the information about our favorite hooch dog. You will come to know the breed, hooch species, features, and many more about him in further. I will describe the important points which will help you a lot if you want to pet one hooch dog in your house. So let us start reading about what type of dog is hooch till last.

What Type Of Dog Is Hooch?

The answer for what type of dog is hooch is Dogue de Bordeaux. It can be a little hard to spell but the hooch is referred to simply as a French Mastiff. In short, the Dogue de Bordeaux is abbreviated as DDB. While watching the movie turner and hooch cast, you must have seen that hooch played a very important role and got big attraction from viewers. So let us see further about the characteristics of hooch in detail.

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Characteristics Of Hooch

Below I have described what type of dog is in turner and hooch characteristics in detail.

  • Name

The Hooch is the name given to Beasley the dog breed character from the 1989 movie turner and hooch. However, there are different names for the hooch dog breed popularly called French Mastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Mastiff, and Bordeauxdog.

  • Weight

The adult hooch dog weighs more than 150 pounds whereas the female french mastiff weighs more than 125 pounds.

  • Height

Hooch has a height which is around 24 to 27 inches around the shoulder length. This is one of the dog breeds that look muscular and huge.

  • Colour

Hooch has a brown color shade which appears a little shiny sometimes. These dogs may be found with a special coat that has a soft touch due to the loose texture of thick skin. Different colors in the Dogue de Bordeaux puppies and adult dogs are light fawn color, dark shade of red fawn, dark brown, and mahogany. Some of the french mastiff dogs can be seen with some white patches near the cheat and limb regions.

  • Breed

The Dogue de Bordeaux is what type of dog breed is hooch thought to be obtained by cross-linking of the mastiff and Dogue in early 1863. Some consider traces of the Tibetan mastiff, bulldog, and bull mastiff included in the Bordeauxdog.

  • Features

French Mastiff has a wrinkled face what type of dog is hooch on turner and hooch with muscular appearance, where one might think it as a serious dog. One of the messy things with this dog is the drooling, shedding, and snoring, which depends upon the climatic regions. They have great strength for cart pulling and some of them can be useful as therapy dogs.

  • Temperament

The Dogue de Bordeaux temperament is that it is calm and gentle with the owner and friendly people. However, in danger situation what type of dog is hooch from turner &hooch can protect well. They play very little as compared to other dogs and prefer to stay in cool temperatures. 

  • Life Span

The life span of the Bordeaux dog is ranging from 5 to 10 years in general. Good health care and diet keep DDB healthy and strong. 

  • Cost

The cost of the Dogue de Bordeaux price can be around USD 1800 to 2500 of good pure breed. Many of the dog owners have newborn Dogue de Bordeaux for sale whereas a show quality dog pup can cost upto USD 3500. Health is an important thing to see while purchasing one of the DDB.

  • Special Care

There needs to be special care taken for the French Mastiff such as climatic temperatures, shedding, etc. You will need to always keep the cool air-conditioned room ready for the Dogue de Bordeaux when the heat increases outside. It likes to relax more and needs toys like basketball to play with for a short time. Special care for the bones is needed as they can.

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Is Hooch A Mastiff?

 Yes, hooch is a mastiff breed dog, generally called a French Mastiff. However, it is thought to be a bull mastiff by its appearance and face structure.

Are French Mastiff Good Family Dogs?

They’re a great family dog. The gentle nature of this breed makes him the perfect fit for all members of the family, from the very young to the very old. This breed is known for getting along well with children, regardless of the massive size difference.

Was Hooch A Bull Mastiff?

“Hooch” in the Tom Hanks movie “Turner and Hooch” is often mistaken for a bullmastiff. Hooch is actually a Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff).

How Much Is A French Mastiff Puppy?


The price of purebred dogs does seem excessive, but a good and reputable breeder does not profit much from the sale of their puppies.

Do French Mastiffs Have Lock Jaw?

The contrast between the two breeds is that despite having powerful jaws, the mastiff is not as aggressive as the Pitbull. What is this? Still, it is believed that he can lock his jaws, making him twice as intimidating. Not only can he break bones with relative ease but he can also engage his locking mechanism.

What Kind Of Dog Is Bluebell?

Bluebell, their dog, was sent to Saudi Arabia In London, Bluebell, a black Labrador mix, was somehow put on the wrong flight.

What Two Dog Breeds Make A Cane Corso?

What is the origin of the Cane Corso breed? Italy is the birthplace of two mastiff-type breeds, the Neapolitan Mastiff and the Cane Corso. These are both descendants of an ancient Roman war dog, the canis pugnaces.


Today we learned about what type of dog is hooch breed in general. I told you about the characteristics of the Dogue De Bordeaux hooch. You understood the size, weight, height, color, etc of the hooch dog. I explained the about the special care, behavior, and feature of hooch the french mastiff. So now you have an overall idea about what type of dog is hooch which will be helpful for you in the future.


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