What Is The $Windows.~Bt Folder And Can You Delete It?

If your computer is working slow $windows.~bt might be the reason, you should check for sure? But there must be other questions raising in your mind where you can find it, what is it, and many more. For that purpose, I am here to tell you everything about the $windows.~bt in this article. You will understand how to locate and delete $windows.~bt from your computer system? I will share every detail with you on what is $windows.~bt so let us start to read and know more.

What Is $Windows.~Bt?

$windows.~bt is the folder in the computer which stores some temporary files. This folder is found after the upgrading of the windows operating system to windows 10 and further from old versions of Windows OS. After every new update or upcoming feature update, this folder is auto-generated in the C drive of the PC. It contains some of the unnecessary temporary files that have no or less use in the computer.

Use Of  $Windows.~Bt

The use of the $windows.~bt is done for retrieving the data of the previous windows os installations. Generally, it contains the older version files which can be helpful in the downgrading of the windows OS. However, this folder and data inside $windows.~bt Reddit can be deleted after you have a successful upgrade or downgrade to the desired operating system.

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What Is Inside $Windows.~bt Folder?

There are different temporary files related to the windows installation stored in the $windows~bt folder. These files are generated after the update of the OS bt driver for windows 7 to 10 then which is found in the root drive of the PC. It is one of the folders from the root drive directory that start with the $ symbol. The temporary files can be largely using some GBs of your computer’s local drive. 

The reappearance of windows.~bt folder after every upgrade of windows btnewos is normal and it is not a $windows.~bt virus or bug. However, these files may affect the processing and speed of the computer’s functioning sometimes. Hence let us see where you can find it and how to delete it properly. 

Can You Delete $Windows.~bt?

Yes, you can delete the $windows.~bt safely by following some steps mentioned further. But before deleting let us see about the location of $windows.~bt folder.

Location Of $windows.~bt

$windows.~bt can be located in the local C drive of the PC. Below I have described the steps on how you can find the $windows bt windows 10 folder on your computer.

  1. Turn on the computer/laptop
  2. Now Go to This PC
  3. Click and open Local (C:) or C drive
  4. Search For the $windows.~bt folder

Sometimes what is windows bt may be hidden which can be made visible by making a change in the settings let us see how?

How To Find Hidden Windows Bt Folder?

To find the hidden folder of $windows.~bt Windows 11 or 10 then you will need to follow the steps given below.

  1. On your PC/laptop
  2. Click and Open the Start menu search box
  3. Type and Search Choose File Explorer Options
  4. Go to the View Tab
  5. Select Advanced Settings
  6. Search the Files and Folders list
  7. Now go to the hidden files and folders option
  8. Select the option of Show hidden files, folders, and drives in it
  9. Click on Apply to Save changes
  10. Select OK and close the dialog box
  11. Now go to  This PC
  12. Open Local (C:) or C drive
  13. Now you can see the $windows. bt folder easily.

Let us read the steps for how to do PowerShell delete $windows bt files and folder from the local disk drive.  

Steps To Delete $windows.~bt?

Here I have described the $windows.~bt delete steps in detail. This method will help you to force remove Windows bt from the windows c drive.

  1. Turn on your PC/laptop
  2. Click on the Start menu 
  3. Type Disk Cleanup in the search box
  4. Run the Search
  5. Now Select the (C:) drive from the dropdown list
  6. Click on OK
  7. Select all the options from the list of Files to delete
  8. Click on the Cleanup system files below
  9. Let the cleanup run to delete $windows.~bt panther files
  10. Wait for the next dialog box to prompt
  11. Now click on OK to delete the files
  12. All unnecessary files will be deleted
  13. Check the (C:) drive for $windows. bt windows 10 folder
  14. The folder will be deleted safely without affecting the Windows OS

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Is It Safe To Delete Windows Bt Folder?

~BT and $Windows. ~WS are temporary folders and can be safely deleted. If you are unable to right-click on them and select Delete, you can use the following commands to change permissions and force-delete them.

How Do I Clean Up Windows Bt Folder?

  1. Type “cleanmgr” into the Search Bar and open the Disk Cleanup application.
  2. Click “Clean up system files”
  3. Select “Temporary files” & “Temporary Windows installation files”
  4. Click “OK”

What Is Windows Bt Folder?

~BT Folder is a hidden folder on the root drive where the Windows OS is installed. When you upgraded your older Windows system to Windows 10, or upgraded Windows 10 to a new build, all folders and files related to your previous windows installation are saved in the $Windows.

What Is $Windows Ws Folder In Windows 10?

The $WINDOWS. ~WS is a hidden folder created by a Windows Upgrade, typically done with Windows Updates. Other folders may appear including $GetCurrent, $WINDOWS. ~BT, and $SysReset. The folders are hidden, and you can check for them by clicking View > Hidden items in File Explorer.

Why Is Windows 10 Failing To Install?

This error might mean that your PC doesn’t have the required updates installed. Check to make sure that all important updates are installed on your PC before you try upgrading. This likely indicates that your PC doesn’t have enough space available to install the upgrade.

What Are Unnecessary Files On My PC?

Junk files are temporary files created so your computer or phone can perform specific tasks and that are now no longer needed. At one time, these files were helpful, because programs, apps, and operating systems need to create temporary files to execute computing tasks

What Does Windows BT Stand For?

Windows 7, 8

$ WINDOWS. ~ BT and $ WINDOWS refer to hidden files located in the system directory, where your operating system is installed. Hence, you need to follow several steps to access them. To do this, you need to display hidden files in Windows Explorer or any other explorer.

What Is The Use Of Windows BT?

The $Windows. ~BT folder contains all of the previous Windows installation files and important log files in case the installation was not successful and needs troubleshooting or to be reverted.


Today we learned the $windows.~bt topic in detail. I explained to you about the windows bt files and folder. You understood what is inside the $windows.~bt folder, how it is created, its use, and many more. I shared the information about how to unhide the $windows.~bt containing temporary files. Now you can boost your computer speed by deleting the $windows.~bt from the local drive disk C easily.

Can I delete Windows BT and WS